The giant roc is a mythological bird in China. The figure is gigantic and majestic and its movements are very elegant, vigorous and harmonious. Chinese people consider it as the symbol of a great future, good fortune and longevity. As the movements are imitations of it, the style is called: "Qigong of the Giant Roc". The aim is to imitate the movements of this valuable and symbolic bird and so motivate people to train the coordination between body, consciousness, respiratory system and circulation of energy, thus reaching peace of mind without stress and anxiety; to purify the spirit and relax body and mind. Another purpose of the structure of the form is the development of great physical and mental capacity, thereby achieving elegance, harmony, coordination and balance in our movements, thus raising the level of applying the body's self-regulation and self-rehabilitation to solve the physical and psychic problems that happen to us in life. This great series has been created by Master Fumin Wang Guo.